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This is my favourite* mashup ever. It was introduced to me by a friend in 8th grade and every time I hear one of the songs used in the mashup I almost immediately say “TUSK!” in my head. I feel I should point out that I haven’t heard full length versions of most of the songs used, but if you don’t know the context or haven’t heard every song used (and therefore don’t necessarily get all the references) it’s fine. And still very, very hilarious.

*You might have noticed this, but I’ve recently gone back to using British spellings for a lot of things. I used to do this more regularly, but the sour aftertaste immediately after I returned to the US after my stay in London meant that I forced myself to use American spellings for words I had used British spellings for before my stay in London. I’ve since gotten over all of that have gone back to spelling things the British way.

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