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This Is Not DS106 – It’s DS406

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To Whom It May Concern,
This is not a 100-level class. Do not take this class thinking it’s actually a 100-level class because it’s not. I don’t know what the Comp. Sci. department are thinking, but this class (or at least this iteration, I can’t speak for section 2) is not at a 100 level. I would say it’s at least a 200-level class, possibly 300 (depending on the assignment.) This class is not easy and at times it’s not even fun. Yes, you learn a shit-ton* of valuable skills that will help you get a job, but there’s so much more that you have to put into this class that if you’re simply looking for an “easy” or “fun” way to learn those skills, take a real comp. sci. class. I could go on (I really could) but if I did most of what I would be spouting wouldn’t help you decide whether or not you should take this class it would just make you think that I’m vindictive and someone who complains when forced to do anything. So I’ll leave you with this simple string of words: This. Is. Not. A. 100. Level. Class. Period.
Someone Who Did Not Get What They Were Expecting

*My family likes to make the claim that I curse like a sailor. This is not entirely false, but I tend not to curse as much in public forums. But you can tell I’m serious when I bring out the cursing. Because I’m dead serious.

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