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After a lot of thought and a lot of stress from finals week, I decided I’d share with you my obsession for Fernando Torres with you. Not many people are really aware of it… and by not many people I mean EVERY who knows me is aware of this fact. I learned he existed when the Spanish National Team played its first game during the World Cup 2006 in Germany. It was that first game against Ukraine, where he scored 3 goals and wore his hair in a mullet styled cut that I fell in love with him. Not only did he have a tacky hair cut, which won him points for having the courage to wear his hair like that, but he had unlimited freckles and lethal striking skills on the field.
Unfortunately, he broke my heart not when he got married but when he transfered to Chelsea this winter. I will never stop loving Liverpool, the club I still think he shouldn’t have left. But oh well, his life, not mine.

This is a post about the many hairstyles of Fernando Torres. Why you ask? Because since I’m creepy enough to know plenty about this man that I will never meet, I read in an interview he did that he believed in having different hair styles to keep since he first found success on the field after he dared to try a new hair style. He’s weird – another reason to love him. The tricky part is that I’m only allowing myself to insert images that I have saved in my computer – only to prove to you how weird I am in my Fernandosession. On that note, let the hilarity commence.

As a kid, he already had funky hair styles. However, he was still a kid, so we can’t judge him b/c he’s too adorable.

Highlighted hair from when he played for Atletico de Madrid

I don’t know which one came first, the shaved head or the highlights, but he looks awful with no hair.

I’m guessing the shaved head came first because at some point we saw this — I don’t even know what to say

This is from when he was really young and had just started playing for the Spanish National Team

Then we have world cup Fernando hair… HAHAHA IT’S AWFUL

The he became captain of his club team

Then it was time for the Euro Cup, where he scored the winning goal that got them the title for the first time since… forever ago? I can’t remember the last time they had won a title. Is it awful or is it awful?

Did I mention it was after he transferred to Liverpool where he looked ridiculous on the pictures from the day he signed his contract? Okay so I don’t actually have a picture of him from that day but I did have this haha

The thing is, when he moved to Liverpool, he said that he didn’t trust British hair stylists enough with his hair so while there, he just let it grow. I kid you not, these are actual facts.

Okay let’s fast forward to when he shocked us all and cut his hair before the 2010 World Cup.

THEY WON THE WORLD CUP! Don’t remind me that he didn’t score and was burnt out, I still love him.

Now he plays for Chelsea and still doesn’t trust hair stylists in England, still.

I LEAVE YOU WITH THIS VIDEO THAT’S HE DID TO ADVERTISE HIS HAIR STYLIST IN SPAIN – Even if you don’t understand Spanish, you’ll still find the humor in the awkwardness that he brings to the camera.

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