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This American Life: #27 Cruelty of Children.  I don’t particularly know what to make of Act One, I understand David Sedaris was trying to be amusing and at times he was, but I couldn’t help but feeling a little sorry for him.  From what I heard it sounds like he has a lot of wounds from his childhood and his cure for this is comedy.

One thing I did enjoy was listening to the Charlie Brown theme song in between acts, this was always a hit on the piano at Christmas eve parties growing up.

…..Act Two, The Man in The Well, to be straight forward this one weirded me out.  It was a bizarre fiction story about really cruel children, who leave a man in a well.  Why even bother bringing the guy food if your not going to get help.  I think the music made it more creepy than it was meant to be.

Act Three, People that is alone, they have water in there eyes.  It was interesting to hear the older children having nostalgia of when they were younger and much nicer.  Vivian Paley pointed out something very obvious that is often ignored by educators.  It’s sad to see how this type of social behavior can continue into adulthood.  If it can be addressed at a young age, I would be curious to know if it would be possible to get rid of clicks or rather “class structures” altogether.



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