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Switched at Birth

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In this episode of This American Life, Ira Glass covers a bizarre story of a mix up at the hospital where 2 children were taken home by the wrong parents.  This whole story is just crazy to me.  In hearing the intro where there was a partial reading of the letter explaining what happened 40 years later, it sounds like I am listening to the words of a crazy person.  I find it amazing that at the time they felt it was better to ignore the weight discrepancy and not contact the doctor so as to not embarrass him.  The whole story seems to become more disturbing as it plays out over the years.  How so many people could know and not say anything blows my mind.

In reflecting on this episode it sounds like some kind of bad Lifetime movie.  Like one of those where the crazy goes and steals another woman’s baby.  Oh wait, that’s what happened.  The fact that these two families have turned these women’s lives upside down seems completely insane and wrong.  Listening to the elderly Mrs. Miller shows just how off she really seems.  Its a constant attempt to justify her actions back in 1951 and the continuing of the lie for most of these women’s lives.  Yet this woman still tries to find someone else to blame besides herself.  Her husband may have not wanted to at first but they are both very much to blame for this mess.  They may have ended this story on a lighter note and shown how they have forgiven each other but what had happened to me seems completely unforgivable.

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