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Video Essay

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So this project has been a chore.  While I enjoyed putting it together it was just full of problems.  First off the video I was using was in AVI format so after I clipped what I wanted out of it using realplayer I had to convert the clips to WMV.  For that I had to find and download a converter.  In this case it was WinX.  It was fairly simple but failed to convert a couple of clips properly and I had codec issues.  So I finally got this project assembled and was ready to upload it.  Then came the real fun.  I must have gone through at least 3 or 4 upload attempts before I maintained an internet connection long enough to get through it.  My computer kept dropping the connection around the 65% mark each time.  That was beyond frustrating.  Well here is the finished product.  If it weren’t for all the issues I’d be much happier with this project than I currently am.

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