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Dr Oblivion missing?

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So according to the rumor mill, Dr. Oblivion is missing, nah! I am not buying that, he hasn’t been in contact with humans for twenty seven years,  mhmmm, why are we surprised that he has decided to go under the radar? duh? We all should realize he is an adult and has the right to go wherever he wants and so pleases and until an adult has been gone for 48 hours, you cannot report them missing. Remember our basic human rights? the right to movement? . As for his daughter stepping in for him, well! am not sure if it is okay for her to jump into conclusion about her dad been missing. Starting a rumor could result in a whole lot of other side issues. Either way, I signed up for this class with the hopes of making an A, I trust Mr. Groom to lead the way with the help of other professors. This is getting as dramatic as it can be.


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