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Getting Started

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Forgive me for taking so long to get this first blog entry posted. As mentioned during our first lesson, I intend to use this blog to review class sessions, preview upcoming lessons, and discuss matters related to the course.

First things first, I’d like to repeat how excited I am about this course. I was impressed with the level of energy and enthusiasm at the first meeting. I’m looking forward to learning together this semester. Hopefully you will find this an enjoyable and worthwhile course. Feel free to let me know if there are any questions or concerns at any point during the semester.

As mentioned at the end of last class, the homework for tonight’s lesson was to set up your gmail and twitter accounts. So far I’ve received emails from 30 of you – this is a great start. For those who were absent or have not been able to set up the gmail account yet, please use the format [email protected] for your new gmail account and send me a message with “Hello from Firstname Lastname” as the subject line.

Regarding Twitter, I gave the wrong format for your user ID. Please use lastname_tuj instead of lastname.tuj for your twitter ID. Once you’ve done so, please follow me (lockman_tuj) from your twitter account. By our next lesson, I hope that everyone in class will be following everyone else.

We will spend a few minutes at the beginning of the lesson getting everyone else set up with gmail accounts and twitter accounts. If you’ve already set up both, please lend a hand to someone who hasn’t. If we all work together, we can through it quickly.

We will then spend time talking about the Daily Shoot assignment and setting up the necessary accounts to make this happen. I would like everyone to use Flickr for storing photos for this assignment. We will go through the steps of setting up the account together. From Flickr you will be able to get an email address so that you can send your Daily Shoot photos to it automatically. We will also take a look at the necessary steps to get the photo posted to Twitter and the Daily Shoot web site.

The Daily Shoot assignment officially begins on September 6, 2011. So don’t worry if you don’t get all of the details sorted out this evening. I will post more detailed instructions over the weekend to the blog. If you are able to figure things out, feel free to begin your assignment as soon as you wish. I’ll do my best to post a photo everyday beginning now.

Finally, I will introduce the readings for next week. This will be related to the Weekly Blog Post requirement for this course so I will briefly explain that as well. As with the Daily Shoot assignment, I will post more detailed instructions about the Weekly Blog Post requirement this weekend. Links to the readings can be found on the Schedule page of this blog (click the tab at the top of this page).

Looking ahead, in addition to discussing the readings at our next meeting, we will also be setting up Blogger accounts for the Weekly Blog Post requirement. Feel free to set up your own Blogger account if you have time.

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