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Week 2 Begins

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Five bonus points will be awarded to the first student who can relate this image to the “As We May Think” reading in the comments section of this blog post. Basically, I’d like to know who the dude is and what’s his machine all about.

Again, big thanks to everyone for a great effort in setting up the gmail, flickr and twitter accounts last week. Please contact me if you’ve had trouble with setting up your accounts or are unclear of what is going on. As we are now beginning the Daily Shoot assignment, it is important that you have all the accounts connected and in good working order.

Speaking of the Daily Shoot assignment, I was delighted to see several students posting cool pictures over the weekend. As for me, I screwed up my Flickr account when trying to connect an iPhone app to it. I have since set up a new account. The Flickr ID can be found on the Google document I shared with everyone over the weekend (the document name is CIS0835-FA11-Accounts). Please make a point to visit the document and update your account information as necessary.

Regarding the shared “Accounts” document. I’ve recently added a worksheet for the Daily Shoot assignment. I would like each of you to enter the date that you’ve submitted each of your daily assignments. It is okay to miss a day or two or to be late every now and again. But please do your best to participate as regularly as you can. It serves to give the project more meaning in purpose, I believe. I still haven’t written up details for the Daily Shoot assignment (or for the weekly blogging requirement), but I will try to explain each of these during tonight’s lesson and to post the details in the next day or so.

As for tonight’s lesson, here is what I have in mind:

  1. Questions and comments related to Week 1
  2. Discuss sections 1-4 of “As We May Think” (A list of links related to these sections will be posted on the Schedule page of this blog for today’s lesson)
  3. Explain the weekly blogging requirement
  4. Set up accounts on Blogger
  5. Discuss Daily Shoot assignment

One more thing, I will do my best to arrive in room 501 an hour before each lesson. As I don’t have published office hours, feel free to drop in at this time if you wish to discuss anything related to the course. You might want to get in touch with me beforehand to confirm that I will be here on a given date.

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