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Weekly Blog Post #1 "Internet"

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Using Internet as bad method

I found interest true event about Internet in my country Korea.

At first, reader have to know this word Bon-jwa. This word means that one who considers and labels himself the master of a particular field.
In 2006, a man by the name of Kim Bon-jwa made enormous profit by spreading Japanese porn videos through P2P sites.
Not only did he upload porn videos, he also posted personal reviews, actress profiles and characteristic of porn video firms. He gained instant popularity, diligently uploading massive amounts of videos each day with a large group of followers.
Kim, who was a user of “Toto Disk”, started to upload Japanese porn videos on “Toto Disk” amd was able to earn tens of thousands of dollars in a short period.
He was soon scouted by a P2P site called “Sega Disk” with cantract of $3,000/month salary and a 50% profit from the videos he uploaded. However, this contract was soon breached as “Sega Disk” did not pay him the promised salary.

He was arrested by police on charge of the illegal distribution of Japanese porn vidoes. Especially, Bon-jwa Kim is remembered for his really famous quote on arrest, “only those who do not have porn videos on their hard-disk deserve to throw a stome at me!!”. The story goes that no one could say a word.
Spreading illegal Japanese porn videos remains a serious problem as hundreds of copycats continue to appear and teenagers are easy to access to porn videos after the incident of 2006.

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