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Language is pop culture

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How many foreigners think that Japanese are pretty difficult to learn?
I believe most of them think like YES!! learning Japanese is pretty difficult!!
However, do you know Japanese used to use only Kanji for long time ago?
Hiragana is easy style of Kanji. We Japanese made and changed Kanji which learned from China.

This is basic form of Hiragana.
You can see how Japanese made it for more esay and useful way.
Writing Kanji is so compricate and annoying sometime.
Now we feel exactly same thing as our ancestors.

We always make our language easier.
However, this is part of Japanese pop cultuer now.
Have you ever seen and/or heared something like “KY” or “ggrks” or some other things?
These words look like nothing specific meaning.
Unfortunately, this is what I want to show you something like NEW japanese language pop culture.

There are many kinds of abbreviations in Japan.
These are used to use in some Japanese Internet forum.
In addition, these are made by the people who used to come to internet forum often.

Firstly,these words were using only inside of internet forums.
However, some of them started to use the words at some SNS, or thier individual Emails.
Nowadays, these words are really common for Japanese, especially young people.
In fact, I cannot understand some of these words, because these kinds of thing change so fast.

Many young Japanese use the words, and they still make new words.
That kind of trend became Japanese pop culture now.

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