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   The definition of Pop-Culture

       The term popular culture was first coined in the early 20st century.

 The term is typically defined as the total trend of social ideas, attitudes, and beliefs of a given society and its culture.

 These social ideas, attitudes, and belifes are often referred to as “social norms”.

 Such social norms are usually heavily influenced by the mass media through film, art, music, and general entertainment.

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               Pop Culture: RUSSIA

Russian Pop Culture now is very similar to American one,

whether it is slang, which is borrowed from english words,

popular music motifs and Promotional Videos, famous stars 

on TV, TV shows or magazines.

Analyzing Russian Pop Culture now I came to the conclusion that “Americanization” is a very popular trend among teenagers and 20s old population.

I am not posting here to deeply analyze the reasons WHY this is happening, but it is hard to deny that it is a popular trend in Russian pop culture nowadays.


Dima Bilan
the most popular singer in Russia and all over the world now; mainly because of his two outstanding performances on Eurovision 2006 and 2009 where he was the Winner.

From the very start of his carrear he was making an accent on Overseas trends in music,

making his songs sounding more “American” and easy to be accepted outside Russia.

Almost all of his Promotion Videos were made in United States:

Here is the PV of another popular singer who is from Ukraine but has moved to Moscow:

Not only these two artist release their best hits in both English and Russian version 

although English is not a famous language in Russia at all- 

it has become a popular trend as well.

TV Shows

One of the MOST POPULAR and SCANDAL TV show in Russia is 

a stand-up show COMEDY CLUB

The residents of the show borrowed the idea from American 

stand-up shows while they were visiting the United States.


Kseniya Sobchak

One of the most popular and scandal TV star on Russian television nowadays. 

Many people call her “the prototype of Paris Hilton

Almost the same glamour style and epitaph,  just yet without a puppy on her hands all the time.

The Cosmopolitan magazine is one of the most popular magazines that teenagers and girls and women read in Russia. 

It is even often translated from British or American issues.

Of course, not all Russian Pop Culture is this much influenced by United States. 

But most of it is. 

It is “cool” to listen to American or any other foreign music and watch foreign movies. 

Along with that, Russian Pop Culture is influenced not only by America, but by Japan as well, for example manga.

So, in a summary it could be said that Russian culture now is seeking 

being a mixture of some other popular Pop Cultures.

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