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First Presentation "Gossip"

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                                                                        Hyunki Choi 912-72-1750

What would you do first when you have an important date or a meeting? You will consider what clothes to wear while opening the closet. Despite the gender, clothes are the best means to appeal themselves. Fashion can make people to have confidence and to appear trustworthy. Surely for women putting make up is a way to attract people and to improve their appearance.

1. Fashion industry publishes new fashion items and the trend of the year.
2. Fashion leader who catch fashion trend.
3. Fashion became one of important pop cultures.
                                         Fashion Leader >

1. Where do people get information about fashion?

2. Celebrities should pay attention to their dress code. They    are often judged by bloggers and viewers as the best or worst dresser.

< Japan Fashion Magazine

Due to the developed social network, celebrities should pay attention to their dress code even when they go to the airport, to a restaurant and a convenient store. If they dress well, their clothing will be a fashion icon on which people support. However, if they do not, their fashion is robbed right and left consistently.

 Celebrities’ causual dress >

1.This is often used as a fashion business strategy. 

2.Brand “Tory Burch” is a good example. A woman named Tory Burch, who is influential in high American society, launched a Brand named “Tory Burch”.

3.She used good ways to promote her brand. She is so smart CEO. 

1.Sometimes, this would result bad consequences. People are not rich enough and cannot afford to buy luxury brand to follow celebrities’ dress.

2.Instead it causes prevalent knockoffs in the market.

                          Fake brand Logo >

        Fashion is a way of expression and is significant in the pop culture. In recent days, fashion is highly regarded as one’s individuality and fashion would be important part of people’s life style.    

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