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Weekly Blog Post #2 "Pop Culture"

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                  I have been studying for a year and a half in Japan. When I came to Japan for the first time, it was hard to meet Korean culture. However, many Korean teenagers were eager to Japanese culture such as animation, music and manga.

                  However, now it is easy to access Korean music in Japan. Korean girl groups are on Japanese television show programs and commercials and it indicates the spread of Korean culture in Japan.

                  Korean girl groups are working in various fields. Girl’s generation, Kara, and 2NE1 are representative of Korean music girl groups. Their music is often located in a high rank on a music chart, and many people see, listen, and sing their music through “You Tube”. The reason why Korean girl groups are popular in Japan is that they have powerful performance and great proportion compared of Japanese girl groups I think. In addition, Paris Hilton, most famous celebrity in the world, posted 2NE1 music video on her blog with comment “why U.S cannot make singer like 2NE1” and it became really a hot issue in Korea. Recently, the concert was held in Paris successfully. It shows that the Korean music has become well known around the world.
                  The people who enjoy listening to Korean music also show curiosity on girl group’s fashion, activity, and even their comments. Few years ago, Japanese fashion, known as Harajuku Fashion, was popular among Korean teenagers. Now in an opposite situation, where Korean culture is coming to Japan.
                   Recently, number of friends asking about Girls’ generation and Kara has increased. It is really good news to hear that people who do not know well about Korea have curiosity on Korean culture along the spread of Korean girl groups’ music. I hope that this current situation is not only a temporary trend, and it keeps to grow constantly as a cultural icon.        

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