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Man gets Island for less than half a mil…

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So I was reading the headline news earlier today… ran into a story about a dude who “luckily” bought an
island here in NYC…
(yea thats right… New York City, where water bottles cost like five bucks … )
for only $160,000! Now sure that seems like alot of money
for those whose bank accounts range from 0.20 – $20.00 haha
but thats actually really cheap…for an island!
Now for those who still dont get the picture, let me compare it to….uhh, lets see..
thats like buying a 2011 Mercedes Benz car for $50.. talk about GREAT SAVINGS!
So, whats the point of me writing about this? No big deal, i guess the part that caught me was when i found out that the new island owner had been eye-ing the island for a while. He was planning on making it his and never looked at the circumstances.

Point is… if you really want something, you can have it.
Go for it.
You never know when you’re going get a huge deal…

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