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weekly blog assignment #2

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So, I will talk about the relationship between Pop Culture and artists. This time, I will focus on the artist called Beardyman who play voice percussion as his proffesional job.

Darren Foreman (born 14 May 1982) also known as Beardyman is a musician from London renowned for his beatboxing skills and use of live looping technology.

He has gigged and recorded with MC Klumzy Tung as part of MC/beatbox duo The Gobfathers. Together, they presented Get Lucky TV’s ‘The Freestyle Show” in 2005, and also appeared as traffic wardens in a hidden camera show. This is how he got popular.

He gradually started to use various social network sites. In 2008 he collaborated with visual artist Mr.hopkinson to produce a video called ‘Monkey Jazz’ which visually describes the live looping process, which has had over 1 million views on Youtube.

Beardyman often incorporates humour into his act. He has impersonated Elvis, dressed as a monkey on stage at Bestival and once posed as an Austrian climate change lecturer, “Professor Bernhard Steinerhoff”, before breaking into his set, with over 1 million views on Youtube.

Other than upper posts, he uses every kind of technology such as radio, tv and magazines.

online magazine

tutorial videos


with other famous artists

He uses various types of tools related to the internet and is influencing his name and skills of voice percussion. Even though voice percussion was originally one of the street arts so far, but he changed the definition of it.  And now, he’s beginning to get popular not only in UK but also all over the world.

Other than this artist, pop culture and internet connects each other strongly today.

This is the video that we made for the presentation. Enjoy!

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