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Mid term exam

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Is it freedom of expression?
miss A's Showcase in Singapore
image; miss A’s Showcase in Singapore by avaricedevil’s photostream ;CCL

When I did second blog-spot assignment, I found a lot of picture of girl group. Most of them are under 20 years old. However, they are wearing extremely revealing dress on stage to attract fans’ attention. There are many girl groups in Korea and Japan. They have pretty face and slim body. But problem is that every members of girl group have almost same proportion. They compete against other all girl group members. In addition, their popularity is banded according to fashion and visual appearance even if they are involved in same group. Due to this situation, their clothes become revealed and flashily more and more to receive attention.

Recently, revealing dress code is refrained by broadcasting station, especially in music program stage, in Korea. Viewers want members of girl group not to wear dress flashily because they are pretty much young, and they are often forced to wear revealing dress for entertainment agency that they are belong to.

I also enjoy watching music program on television to see girl group. As we know, they are trying to show themselves to viewers. However, music industry is really competed world. They have to inform their music and performance to people. I hope that they do not become just commercialization in the entertainment world. They are young and do not have right of choice.

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