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reimagined road signs

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Slippery when wet…..or is it?

Just thinking about it from a different point of view can give it a humors aspect to it. Seeing it as a little person falling down or someone who just dropped into an all out dance off. Which one would you find more humor in? Maybe both, but the answer I want is the dance off. Although, there is actually a competition in which the next picture is able to show much better. Its a picture that shows a ground line which could represent the line that these people below the next picture use for their dance per say.

slippery when wet

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This activity is called slackline. Most people might think that stepping on a piece of rope or band and trying to balance yourself might be suicidal, these people do it for fun and not just that they also maintain their balance while performing a dance. Its a great thing to see and I for one would not be able to try that without having face-planted many times before I just decided to give up more than likely. But a description is only good enough to a point The video below shows it all and there is not a moment you wouldn’t expect to see them crash down.

I bring to you slackline.

All these type of caution signs warning of people being around a hazard where they could fall now appear to be a form of dance or entertainment for others, not the falling down part, but in fact they could be a logo for them. Seeing these signs from a different perspective makes you think what other activities that people do can be found in the signs that we just see and ignore, though we shouldn’t, and see them from a different point of view.

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