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Sorry Charlie, ABC has just sent your Angels to Heaven

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So I was talking to a friend earlier today about the new shows on TV this Fall. He mentioned that he was getting into the “NEW CHARLIE’S ANGELS” when ABC decided to pull the plug a few days ago.

Whoa! Wait a second, there was a new version of the Hit 1970′s TV Series? I had no idea(seriously I had no clue)! It was canned after 4 episodes due to poor reception by critics and ratings. I had to wonder, did 2011 really need a new version of CHARLIE’S ANGELS?

Does 2011 need more remakes/reboots/spinoffs is the real question! I mean when will studios learn that what you did on the 60′s/70′s just won’t work in the new millennium. I’ve read/seen many reboots fail to impress this new generation as well as the generation before with many films and tv series. Knight Rider, MELROSE PLACE, Bionic Women, V, to name a few have all came only to be slaughtered by critics.

Has Hollywood really reached a point where the word “Original” is absolutely meaningless? A Spider Man reboot(the supposed start of a new trilogy), a new Bewitched on CBS, and possibly a new Ghostbusters are all in the works. Chances are some will work or they’ll all probably bite the dust.

I’ll admit that not all Reboots are bad as I am a fan of 2 TV Remakes (Hawaii Five-0 on CBS and NIKITA on The CW). These two are actually praised and they have the ratings to match. As much as I hate to admit it, studious will continue to greenlight remakes despite most of them falling flat on their face when they air(Sorry ANGELS).

What 1660′s movie/show do you wanna see in 2011/2012?

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