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We are all artists

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Tim Owen’s talk titled We Are All Artists was very interesting and in some ways inspiring for some people (more specifically on ds106). He gives points such as creativity takes everyday practice and that creativity is not inherited. Although I have read a few posts from other people who disagree with this, I don’t necessarily think it’s that big of an argument.
He suggests that ds106 is a community that fuels a creative environment for everyone. Although I agree with this, I can’t say that I’m too comfortable with his explanation that being uncomfortable helps people to be more creative. Mostly because people by nature or people in general have the basic flight or fight response. When in a situation where they are uncomfortable they will try to remove the thing that is making them uncomfortable. Or, try to create a way to get around being uncomfortable. Tim also suggests that the things that are the most creative are the things that make you think out side of the box to solve creative problems which I do agree with.
(I guess that what this has to do with computer science is that you use the computer to do the art work.)
I do however agree on finding inspiration around you. I do this a lot for my inspiration in writing. 

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