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Weekly Blog Post #3 "We are all artists"

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image; photo for Blog Post #3 by Hyunki Choi ; CCL

I made some funny photos through photo-shop with my friend’s help. Can you recognize what these photos mean?
When I walk on shibuya or shinjuku street, I can see a lot of girls wearing military looks. They might like to wear green color jacket with printing military uniform.
Every Korean guys involved in me hate really hate military print and green color fashion clothes because most of Korean guys should serve in army for two years, 730 days. Most worst thing is that we need to go to army between 20 to 30 years old. It is most bright time in whole life. In Korea, joke realted with army is worst slang in Korean guys society. You guys come from other countries never image that, but it is true though…

Therefore, Korean guys never wear military style even though military trend is in the groove this year. If you have plan to work for fashion industry, I am asking you a favor that you don’t have to bring military style into Korea without super brave !!! it can let them remind horrible barrack life while serving in army.
I also have been there for two years. I had not went away from my hometown before going to army. While serving in army, I met a lot of friends and had good experiences. It is useful thing in my life. However, I won’t never mention about it again because I felt really bad emotion when writing blog post.
“Hey !!! go back to army forever” “I hope that you are drafted into the army again”
Stop talking it to Korean guys. These is worse slang than nightmare or Fuxx.

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