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Weekly Blog Post4

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The Web once opened our possibilities to connect and share information to all over the world. The ridiculously convenient tool that we invented spread quickly and now we are facing the absolute negative side that this invention brought us.

Started from spam e-mails and notifications, these fraud is getting more vicious and is even getting hard for people to deal with. To avoid troubles and disadvantages of what the Web occurs, many Web management companies such as Yahoo and popular social network cites such as Facebook started to work on security problems. They make some original guidelines and even utilize Security to enhance their safety.

One example is to make ID security number for each user.

I personally think it is useful and meaningful to protect their information by making ID code than rather exposing it to all over the world. There is no way for amateurs to secure themselves from “professionals.”

However, I also thought that is it really that necessary for us to be protected by internet itself? What if we are rather welcoming these spamming fraud by ourselves since we are not cautious enough about our security.

I found the site which shows how we can protect our information by OURSELVES not by somebody.
Although each element is pretty simple and basic, I want to ask these to myself too… Am I really trying to protect myself from spamming??

So, my question about the topic for the final exam is..
“Raise one example that web management companies and social network cites do to enhance their security”.

I hope it is a suitable question.

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