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Ds 106 #3 "Video"

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Audition programs such as “American idol” or “Top talent” on TV spring up !!!

Play by Play video to be touched
Do you know Paul Potts?

He is a opera singer and he attained fame and became a popular person  after he won the “Top Talent” audition program. He also visited to meet Korean fans a couple of years ago. I got impressed his song and his life stories.

There are so many Audition TV programs in Korea, and they get super attention from the public in Korea with high rating more than 15%.

Audition programs is to select one person who is the best on specific field such as singing or dancing. I think that those audition programs acted as a medium for people to achieve their dream. In the past, Common people had a prejudice that celebrities such as singer and actor had have good visual, whish is more important that splendid talents. However, these days, every people can participate in TV audition programs and show off abilities to others.

Lool at below video. She also became a super star such as Paul Patts in Korea.

 Her name is Kim Yae Rim, 19 years old. She received attention from viewers while she was taking part in audition program. I also like her since she has exclusice voice tone and cute face. She came from U.S to achieve her dream middle of attending school.

TV audition programs can give candidates more opportunities, and also viewers can be touched and feel funny while watching on TV.

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