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Ds 106 #4 "Writing"

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“Writing” Catch Copy in commercial film.

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What is the best marketing strategy to imprint brand on people’s mind. It is a commercial film with strong catch copy.
When you turn on the TV, you can access to a lot of commercial films on TV, but how many advertising can you remenber?. Only advertising with strong catch copy can be reminded viewers of contents on TV.

This video is old commercial film in Korea. A pretty girl is sitting with drinking coffee in bus, and a guy is standing next to her. When she gets off bus, she said “I’m leaving”. He also gets off followed her. They drink a coffee together and he talks to her “I missed my stop”. Thet are laughing at.

It created sensation in Korea when this commercial film turned out first. Most of Korean girls have conservative mind about date, so they rarely talk to guy for dating with first.

However, in this commercial film, lady try to drop a hint I have interest on you, so let me know what you think about me.

This advertising destroyed traditional and tacit Korean ladies’ rule, which present go-ahead face for your love.

It is official announcement. I am a lonely. If you have any interests on me, feel free to call or text me anytime. i am ready to respond your approaching.

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