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Today in a class that I was observing we were learning about consumerism and linking it to “The Great Gatsby”.  America certainly is a consumerist nation and it really got me thinking about all the things I have that I don’t necessarily need.  Most people say that our consumerism is exercising our right of freedom, but I think it could just be us exercising our greed.  Do we really need the latest BMW or the designer purse?  Do we really need the Iphone or an Ipod?  I am pretty sure we would all be just fine with out them; so why do people go through great lengths to achieve these things?  Why do people put them selves in such debt to look better in society with all of these materialistic things?


I cannot be one to speak because I live in this kind of world as well, but I still wonder these questions.  Instead of focusing on what we don’t have- we should focus on what we do and give back to others less fortunate than us.

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