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Daily Create

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I did my first daily create today, even though I’m not exactly sure it showed up…but! the topic was something that you don’t usually see upside down. For this i did an upside down cross, which is true you don’t usually see an upside down cross, however, you kinda do. A little religious thing, (What i believe) when St. Peter was about to be crucified to death he specifically asked if he could be crucified upside down because he did not think he was worthy to, “Die the same way our Lord did.” Soo I thought it’d be an appropriate way to still accomplish the goal of the daily create and still bend the rules, because an upside down cross is not what you usually see, but if you’ve been around Catholicism you’ve seen it.

On a more personal note this week can’t go fast enough for me, because I am getting my second tattoo fixed up on thursday, and I really need that to just come here already. Rushed into the original piece, without a consultation and talking to the artist, picking the wrong place, wrong artist …just a vast majority of rookie mistakes and sadly having too much faith in a stranger who i cant really talk about on this website without using excessive explicit language. Lucky we go to school in Cortland NY, which happens to be the tattoo capital of the state, and i have sat down and met with a good guy and we’ve talked a lot and have a solid plan to fix past mistakes. Moral of the story kids: Don’t rush into anything permanent, take your time and think everything out. And always listen to your mother ..thats always a lesson that should be incorporated.

“Chalk it up to a life lesson Michael” – Ma

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