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TDC31 by johanlackbeard
TDC31, a photo by johanlackbeard on Flickr.

Let me begin by saying that I can’t quite pin down a best or most memorable moment of my life. I find myself extremely fortunate that after only 24 years there are multiple candidates.

With that being said however, this picture is by far the most interesting one I could have chosen. It comes from when I was in a (still extant) black metal band called Infernal Stronghold, and we were playing a local show in South Philly at a place known only as “American Jubilee”. As a matter of fact, it was not a licensed or legal venue in any way, but a house at 4th & Snyder where a nice fat gentleman let bands play and sold beer to 8th graders.

I think I was about 17. 17 was honestly the only good year of being a teenager, cause I was finally doing things with music besides annoying my parents and daydreaming. I was in a band, we played shows, people thought we were good, life was great, in fact, life was far better than I ever realized at the time.

I guess I should explain why the hell I’m dressed like that. See, traditionally, black metal bands wear something called corpsepaint, but I wasn’t really into that. I thought it would make me look like I took myself too seriously, which was something about metal that I never really liked. Hopefully, even 7 years in hindsight, it’s still quite clear what my intention was with that costume.

Well I didn’t mean for this to be quite so long and I’m getting rather nostalgic now, so farewell until my infographic analysis.

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