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Perks Of Being A Wallflower – Animated Cover

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I have a kind of complicated relationship with this book.  It was very important to me at a certain time in my life and carried a lot of weight then. Now, I look at the book with a fond sort of nostalgia.

This concept came to me as a plan b.  I couldn’t find a good image of the back cover of the traditional cover, which features (presumably) the main character in three different positions.  I wanted to use the regular book cover but switch those images to the front cover and just make that part a GIF. Obviously that did not work, and instead I opted for this.

This book features a teenage boy who writes letters to a stranger to tell them about his life.  The boy, Charlie, at one point acquires a typewriter, hence the way that I made the font a typewriter style.  Even though typewriters type from left to right, I set up the type centered because I thought that would look more interesting.

This wasn’t very difficult to make but the layers in the animation options were being a little finicky for a while.

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