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Girl Talk Radio Show!

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My group and I just completed our 30 minutes radio-broadcast. We completed the project in two days, starting yesterday and finishing this morning. We started the process by creating a script which showed each segment that we wanted to include, what we were going to say, and who was going to say it. This made the rest of the project a lot easier to get through because we had a map of what we wanted to do. We first went through the process of recording each segment. We didn’t want to deal with adding songs and audio clips until the recording was completely finished. It actually took us about four hours to get all of the recording done. Needless to say, we were really tired, a little annoyed, and extremely hungry. We ran into a couple problems with recording separate tracks, and we had to learn a lot of new things on garage band, but it was an awesome experience. Once we were finished recording, we went in and added different songs and audio clips, and our bumpers. This was the fun part because we got to listen to a bunch of different clips and try to figure out which ones would work best with our show.

The idea that we focused the show on was “girl talk”. All of our segments are fun and girly, something that women would be interested in listening to. We included both informational segments, and fun segments. For example, we talked news (gas prices) and sports (women models/feminism), and we also did trivia, and “boyfriend tales” where we talked about funny date stories or pick-up lines. We detailed much of our process and our experience in the ten minute “making of” segment at the end of the show.

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