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My daily creates for this awesome week!

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My favorite Colors: Friday’s daily create!

My favorite colors are Pink and Green! I love pink becasue it is so vibrante and cheerful! Whenever I see or wear pink things it makes me happy!! I also love green Because Its such a natural color! Whenever ou go hiking in the summer everything is so vibrantly green and I love it! now green and pink together is just cute! just thinking about it , it doesnt seem to match but it looks so cute when you put it together! I took this picture of my favorite scarf and the house plants! It was a chalenging picture to take because my dog was over excited and trying to attack my setup!

This is saturday’s Daily create.  Where I got my name

I really wanted to include my mom in this one becasue im named after her! So this video is of me and my mum and my mom is so funny! she’s like “But she’s not a Jr” cause Im named after her bu our names are slightly different! her name is Evamaria ( no middle name) and My name is Eva maria Jones! lol!

My Favorite type of weather:

Blue I love blue sky’s! It doesnt matter is its cold or Hot! I Today was a perfect day and I spent this morning out at the barn and I couldnt get over how nice the weather was! There was perfect blue skys. it was nice to be outside! when i found out what todays assignments was this picture from my pourch seemed perfect!sky!


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