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“Failing our Kids!”

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In this blog post in Will Richardson’s book, Learning on the Blog; I found the content very realistic and truthful.  The father writing the post, who is talking mainly about his sons basketball team seems to have a strong opinion about modern learning; an opinion that I share.

The examples given in this post of his son Tucker’s basketball team learning about something as basic as what a worm looks like or how many people are in the world.  These same kids have faces poverty, and rough living conditions. However, is that any excuse to whether a student should be given a good education or not.

Another point that was made is about the type of learning that is done.  In schools is it better to learn facts (memorization) or to really understand the meaning of what is being taught.  Most people can learn the population of a country, just by memorizing the number. But, when people know why that certain number makes that country the way it is, is far better.

Educators need to put more effort into teaching; in return students will put more effort into learning. Making learning fun is a concept that is looked over to often.  If teachers and also parents don’t start taking time to give meaning to what is being taught, then I do agree that we are “failing our kids.”

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