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Daily Create Recap for 3/12/12 – 3/18/12

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Make A Creative Photo of Some Sort of Boundary ( Daily Create for 3/12/12 )

For the picture of some sort of boundary daily create I chose a to take a picture of my dorm room consisting of walls and doors. I chose to do this because both symbolize a sort of boundary, not in particular to the person in the room but those waking outside of it. What I mean by this is the door being closed as it is in the picture means that others are not welcome to just walk in and take a look around, and it also symbolizes privacy.

My Workspace ( 3/13/12 Daily Create )

For this daily create I made a video of my desk which is where I complete all my material for this course. More specifically, my desk is made up of audio earbuds and my laptop.

Why DS106? ( Daily Create for 1/14/12 )

In this video I decried why I think DS106 is such a good class, and why I would take it again. In general I discussed how its so important to know how to use social media sites in the long run while having a job. Also, how this is a class based on material that I am interested in, and that i want to learn.

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