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The Silent Tenebaums

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For this project I imported a clip from my favorite film, The Royal Tenenbaums.  In the scene, Eli, a family friend of the Tenenbaums is high on opium and crashes his car into their house. Eli narrowly misses the two boys, Ari and Uzi, and their father is extremely angry that they were put at risk. A chase scene ensues. Everything works out in the end.

How I made it:

I imported the scene into iMovie. Then I added the titles with the opening credits and the dialogue lines. I removed all the color from the scene by going to ‘Video Adjustments’ and toggling with the exposure. Then I tried to add the “Aged” effect to the clip, but could not apply this feature to the clip and the titles. I exported the video I had already made and re-imported it as a single clip and then added the effect.  Lastly, I added sound. The most difficult part of this process was thinking of songs to use. I am very happy with the ones I chose and I think they fit the clip well. Honestly, watching the clip now, I wish I had added music to the whole thing. The silent bits sound a bit odd next to the ones with music. To the add the music I just went to the sound effects browser and dragged the songs I wanted to where I wanted them in the clip. The songs are Shakey Town by I Heart Hiroshima and All These Things by Darren Hanlon.

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