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What Does the Ability to Find, Evaluate and Use Digital Information =? Information Fluency!

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Information Fluency is all about finding, evaluating, and using digital information in an efficient, effective and ethical way. This is easy to remember because of the three e’s and the acronym DIF! What does fluency mean to me? When I think of fluency, what comes to mind first is reading with speed, accuracy and proper expression, but I never thought of what fluency means online until I started reading about it!

There are so many websites displaying models of the importance of digital fluency online, Check them out:
All three links bring you to models and explanations as to why digital fluency is something that we should all become knowledgeable with. As future teachers, each one of us should become experts on DIF so we can teach our students all that we know and the significance of knowing this information. Digital information fluency involves having the skills to use specialized tools for finding digital information–from there one has to learn to question, search, strategize, evaluate, and ethically use this information! We are in the 21st Century, and this is the way of the upcoming world. Start preparing yourselves now!

Here are the ISTE Standards–relating to advancing digital age learning*

Why do you believe understanding digital fluency is important? Especially you preservice teachers, how could knowing this information help us become better teachers?

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