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Digital Citizenship

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Reading all about the digital world and its effects on us as human beings has gotten me seriously thinking about how much the digital world has impacted us as a society. It’s frightening, but also quite invigorating at the same time. So many people don’t even realize the significance of this digital world, yet, at the same time, how much it could swallow us whole without the right information.

Have you checked your digital footprint lately? What does it mean when we say digital citizenship? What websites have you gone on? What status did you post on facebook? What tweet did you post on twitter? What about those posts back in the day when we all had Myspace? These are things that we can’t just ignore because once a site is clicked on, once a picture is posted, it is lost within the cyber world. Without the accurate information of how to erase your digital footprint as well as be careful where/what information is being reported out there in the cyber world, all could be lost–including jobs. This is information that every person should be aware and that we should pass on to family members, friends, colleagues, and soon to be future students. Think of the term citizenship in the world that we live, what could it mean in a digital aspect? There are rules to be followed, norms to abide by and responsible behavior to be had regarding technology–this is something we all should be thinking about.

I have a few websites that will help you determine how you could erase some of your digital footprint if needed as well as why it is important, along with the explanation of digital citizenship:


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