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Some Of My Philosophies

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I consider myself to be a man of strict moral code, and i hardly ever rarely never, ever ever ever compromise myself.  If i compromise myself, than what wont i compromise?

The first thing, and most important thing, is family.  I’m the oldest of 3, we’re all very close, and i am blessed with the best parents in the world.  I believe that family is everything, i would do anything and everything for my family. (If your reading this i’ll call you later ma)

Im also a huge believer in strength.  And i chose to put strength in-between family, and Self-knowledge, because i believe strength feeds into family and self knowledge, and it’s a continuous evolving pattern.  I say the word ‘strength’ knowing that some people see that word and give it no credit; I’m not talking about lifting weights.  Real strength is mental, real strength isn’t benching 250lbs, it’s holding your best friends hand while he’s screaming in agony on the way to the hospital, listening to his pain but knowing you gotta be strong for them…that’s true strength.

And lastly I’m a very big believer in self-knowledge.  To quote Bruce Lee, who was perhaps one of the greatest philosophical minds of the 1900?s, in addition to the worlds greatest martial artist: “To me all knowledge, ultimately means, self-knowledge.” I believe that as well, whenever i learn something, i find i learn more about myself.  Self-knowledge and striving to be a better person are things i try to always keep in mind.  You have to be able to look yourself in the mirror before you go to sleep and after you wake up.  You have to be able to live with yourself.

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