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Jaws Ending’s Video Techniques

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Time 1: No Sound,
0:06- Cuts up to see person stabbing shark with grimace on face, used so that shark doesn’t have to actually be there
0:28- Shark underwater, gives viewers a sense of urgency and shark’s meanness.
0:40- Shooting, cuts up every time the person shoots. Shows his determination and focus.
0:52- Lighting flashes bright over camera to show sun being bright.
1:00- pan out to see debris falling so you can know that the shark is blown up.
1:14- darkness to symbolize shark going under water.
1:25- Pan back to man to show happiness for blowing up shark
Rest of the clip is just him and a guy talking and then paddling their way back to shore.

Time 2: Sound, No visual
Foreboding music, lots of space in between words because man is shooting shark. Shooting sounds.
When the man cusses they use a gunshot to cover over the sound of his cussing.
Not too many sound effects after that.

Time 3: How they work together.
After watching them separately, I see how they both tie together really well. The use of lighting is a big deal because it shows you different atmospheres, it shows under water and being out in the sunlight. The panning back to see the shark being blown up is a good addition.

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