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Slenderman Horror Movie.

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For the assignment we had to create a scene from a horror film. I’ve been wanting to do this so bad because I scare my best friend all the time with the slenderman. I plan on making a silent movie based in an rural setting at night on a windy night. Kris, the main character is going to be enjoying a quiet night alone in his house when he has the sudden urge to go night running. He grabs his flash light, his safety vest, and his jacket. He locks the front door and sets out into the woods. He has an eerie feeling that someone is watching him. Creepy music starts. He starts running faster. He looks behind him, no one there. He keeps running, picking up the pace. At this time he’s in a dead sprint, scared out of his mind. Music picks up pace, keeps looking behind him. He slows down to a jog and then a stop. He bends over clutching his side and looks behind him. THE SLENDERMAN IS THERE! Screen goes black. THE END.

That is my idea for a horror film. I can’t wait until next week so I can actually make this happen. This is only one clip but it works for 2 assignments. Im going to make two different clips, this one being for the horror film and the other working for the silent film era. The other is going to be a video of Kris running.

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