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Video Assignments

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The two video assignments that I might consider doing next week are Joining the conversation and That 70s Show Circle. 

The reasons that these two appeal to me is because I always watch that 70s show and I remember watching a Join the conversation video at the beginning of the semester about a cat and it stuck with me.  I thought that it was so cool and I wanted to recreate one myself.  If I am going to have to do an assignment I want it to be fun and I have the ability to  be creative which I think I will be able to do this with both of the assignments that I have chosen. 

The types of media or techniques I think that I might need is definitely Windows Movie maker so that I can edit and keep things organized. I will first of all have to dust off my movie collection so that I can watch them to spark my creativity and find the perfect scenes to recreate.  I will have to use audio editing tools to record mp3 to edit into the scenes and to capture some sound effects.  I will have to use my brain because this assignment will definitely take some thought and creativity to pull off and make it just as good as the examples.


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