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This I Believe Essay Log: Music

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Way back in September I thought about doing the poem about music and therefore the DMC about it as well. Since I was learning to use a music program, I felt it would sync up similarly with the movie software.

December 9th- well it was kind of easy to put together a quasi-decent video out of a few of some videos I had personally taken, since the poem was all personal and such. Anyways,  I put those together using iMovie after waiting a few hours for it to compile clips of the videos. Sheesh. Next, I put the audio of me speaking over the video and then edited video down to reflect time of speech. Ended up getting sidetracked making a song, but actually decided to put the song in the movie for the hell of it, because after all, I wasted a few hours writing something weird. 
December 10th- Finished uploading and figuring out how to convert and import to Vimeo.Yep, that’s about it. Now, it’s on the web and you can see it at
The Essay
This I Believe
I believe in making music. The ability to make a crowd jump in unison, the ability to make someone stop, listen, laugh, cry, or dance. Music is a new way to interpret the world around you, to think about the sounds as these phonic waves flow through their storyline. It is a way to express yourself and to create new stories with brand new and exciting people. It has the ability to bring society together to fight the war on peace. Introverts can turn into extroverts with the flip of a switch, the pressing of a key, or the strumming of a chord. Through music, relationships can be strengthened through sonic journeys, or destroyed by different tastes. I believe that music is every humans personal key to their own secret place. You are able to hide yourself within, creating your own personal journey. The moment that you see someone enjoying themselves because of what you created is one of the most gratifying in the world and I believe that all people dance to a beat, even if they don’t know what it is. However, finding a beat that they dance to and allowing them to want to express themselves is the most exciting human puzzle in the world. Through music, we are allowed to free ourselves of this world and exist in a realm more amazing than real life, even if for just a moment. Man has never been without music. It has become the only true immortal, as well as a universal language understood by all. Kingdoms have been influenced by it, armies have fought with it , and life has lived intertwined with it since the inception of time. Creating sonic journeys has always been a longing of humanity and I believe that making music is the only everlasting idea we will have, when we are gone. But to tell you the truth, the head bobbing is what it is all about.

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