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Class Wrap-Up

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This semester in my CT 101 (DS106) class was a great experience. When I first started in this class, the idea of making my own website seem like way too much work and I wanted to drop the class. But, then I started to set up my website and noticed it wasn’t as hard as I thought, I was just lazy. I learned a lot from this course. I learned that I am more creative then I settle for, I could do anything I put my mind too. No duty is too big to handle.

What does storytelling mean to you now?

I learned that storytelling could happen from pictures, words, and sounds. I loved that my classmate’s artwork and thoughts taught me a lot about them and the kind of person they are.

Talk about your best work on assignments and dailycreate- talk about why you picked them.

One of my most creative, fun assignments was making my own video for my final from the movie the 12 Dates of Christmas and the All I want for Christmas, song by Mariah Carey.  This assignment took me some time. First I had to watch the movie and pick out scenes that can relate to the song “All I want for Christmas”. Next, I added the sound track to all the clips and then incorporated clips from the actual music video. It came out so good I was amazed.

Also, the visual assignment “can you guess my mystery?” was so cool because I had to pick a picture that showed some kind of mystery and I had to make my audience guess what kind of day it was. No one ended up guessing or commenting but this day was the summer blackout of 2003. I really enjoyed this project.

What would you say to future students about this class?

I would tell future students that they would really enjoy this class. I would also tell them to really enjoy each assignment given to them because it really brings out a creative side that you would have never had.

If you were in charge of this class, what would you change?

 I would make this class a per interactive one where you had to work with a partner in class to complete an assignments at the end of class because works that I know I could do at home made me not want to do them in class. But, besides that I enjoyed the assignments and the cla

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