6/20/11: ds106 Introduction Video and Assignments

As some of you may have already witnessed, Dr. Oblivion offered the introduction to ds106 via a live video (http://ds106.tv/live). If you didn’t get a chance to watch it yet, it is now available on YouTube or at the main site of http://ds106.tv. Please watch it.

Below is a Summary of the assignments laid by Dr. Oblivion in his introduction to ds106.

The following reading and videos are key to thinking through the conceptual and theoretical underpinnings for a course like ds106. Read the essay and watch the videos and blog your responses to both thinkers ideas by midnight of Tuesday, 6/21. Tag this post: pcimedia

Readings and Videos
Read Gardner Campbell’s “Personal Cyberinfrastructure” essay and watch his presentation “No More Digital Facelifts.”

Also, watch Michael Wesch’s “From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able”

Michael Wesch at UMW Faculty Academy Part 1 from umwnewmedia on Vimeo.

The Daily Shoot
By the end of this week we will be diving into the visual and design portion of this course. You will all be expected to start the Daily Shoot assignments immediately, and please keep this going through July 4th. Here are the details for this assignment.

This assignment will last for two weeks from Monday, June 20th until Monday July 4th.

For this assignment you will need to follow the daily assignments on the Daily Shoot site. What this site does—on a daily basis—is provide you a frame for taking a picture on any given day. Like, for example, the following:

Image of #ds302 2010/09/13 • #ds302 (115 photos)

Make a photograph of a path, sidewalk, trail, or road today and post it. Lead our eye through the scene.

Based on the prompt for that day, you are to take a picture.

Next step is to upload each day’s image to Flickr on a daily basis with the following two tags:

  • The course hashtag ds106
  • The daily shoot tag (it changes daily) ds456, ds457, etc.
    • Also, you may want to set your account up to blog to twitter from Flickr- makes shorter URLs http://bit.ly/ifdCWf (thanks to @cogdog for this useful tip).

      To complete the daily shoot on any given day, you will need to tweet the image to @dailyshoot with a link to the image on Flickr as well as the proper hashtag for that day’s daily shoot (i.e., #ds456 or #ds457 etc.—note ds in the hashtag is for DailyShoot not Digital Storytelling). Also, the order is important It should look something like this:

      @DailyShoot – #ds581 – Lists guide an eye in a linear way: menus, recipes, etc. Find a list and make a photo. http://flic.kr/p/9UQDoe

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