Dr. O’Blivion on Gardner Campbell, Micheal Wesch, and Digital Identity

You can find Dr. Oblivion’s Discussion Notes (with all relevant links) here. Also, here is a copy of the Livechat Transcript from today’s live broadcast. Additionally , Dr. Oblivion asked me to thank Abbie Boaduwa Yirrah for calling into the live broadcast via Skype. It was a first for the Dr. Oblivion Show, and she was quite the guest.

Something Dr. Oblivion and I talked about after today’s session was the idea that ds106 folks who can’t make it to the regular, live broadcasts at 11:30 AM (EDT) might want to make quick video recordings of questions, issues, and general ideas they might have about any topic related to ds106 (and beyond). These can be as short as you like, just make sure you tweet the link and hashtag them on Twitter both #ds106 and #droblivion. Once you do they will be broadcast live so that Dr. Oblivion can respond to them on air. Keep that in mind and also keep the video responses coming as well as a quick reminder that you are expected to comment on the posts of others in the class.

Tomorrow at 11:30 AM (EDT) we will be introducing the visual and design portion of the course, and the assignment below will be what is expected of you over the next 4 days (in addition to the daily shoot).

Visual Assignment
Over the next four days (.i.e. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) each of you will be expected to review the visual assignments for ds106 and choose one to do each day. Blog your project each day and be sure to tag your post with the proper design assignment tag. What’s more, if there is nothing that interests you from the list, submit your own visual assignment here and then do it.

Also, be sure to rate which assignments are the best using the ratings poll at the bottom of each assignment. Keep in mind you will find each individual assignment’s tags (there are two) beneath the ratings poll and you must tag your post with both to get credit for your work. If you are not sure how to add tags to a post see this video tutorial.

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