1. youblueit

    I GOT THIS: Cyber Security and The Modern Woman


    This is the story of a recent college graduate who had a most unfortunate experience when she tried to take cyber security in her own hands, causing her to nearly miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

    Lizzie is a 22-year-old female who recently graduated from Hamburger University (HU), …

  2. number1fio

    The Weakest Week


    I named this the weakest week because I didn’t finish one of my assignments and rushed a little towards the end.

    I really enjoyed the video editing lesson. I think my version of the Untamable Tamer turned out ok however I would have liked to add music to it too. …

  3. number1fio

    The Untamable Tamer


    I was inspired to create the Untamable Tamer  because it looked like Charlie was trying to pick up a lady while he was locked in a cage. Who else would do that! I figured if I made it look like we wanted to be there and was using the lion …

  4. number1fio



    I completed the assignment why so serious because it sounded really fun. I used a song about montages from Team America World Police and added it to the famous montage scene in Rocky. It’s spot on and really funny. The song is only 80 second long and the video clip …

  5. bcodelson

    Spoon Fed


    Wow.  What a ride the past 8 weeks have been.  And all that hard work has culminated here, in the DS 106 Final Project.  It took me a long time to decide on my project idea.  It’s funny – each idea I had I tried to frame it in …

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These are blogs for students in both sections of EDIT 572: Digital Audio/Video Design and Applications for the Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) Program at George Mason University, a class being taught Spring 2014 by Alan Levine.

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    Your mission, very possible.
    Your Final Project
    Your Final Project
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    You can find all the details for the final project written up as a specification. To re-iterate
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