1. shargis

    Reflections on the Big Final Project


    Throughout the course of this big project my rationale has stayed the same, even with all the obstacles and challenges I remained dedicated to making videogrep work on my pc and create a supercut. The primary challenge I faced was one of the risks I was initially aware of. Because …

  2. shargis

    Manifesto Updated


    When I initially wrote my manifesto, I was optimistic in my abilities, but maybe not as realistic as I should have been. At the beginning my goal was to learn and practice Python everyday so I would be able to make my own Twitter bot that would be somewhat interactive. …

  3. jevans5






  4. shargis

    Coding Environment


    After reading chapter 1 I installed the newest version of Anaconda and read through the tutorials on how to use Jupyter Notebook and Python. All of the files are saved in a folder located within my documents titled “DGST 395” and in that I have different folders for coding files …

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  1. Week 14 & 15: The End


    For the final weeks of this class, we’ve given you a couple of options. You should do what makes sense for you, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you during these final weeks of the semester. 

    Option 1: Take It As…

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