1. shargis

    Reflections: The Peripheral


    Throughout Gibson’s “The Peripheral” many different themes are explored.  These include a variation on the class system, social structure, technological advances, and justice and morality. Morality in particular is a very common theme that is mentioned and implied to various aspects through the novel. This has taken several different forms …

  2. @abbissss

    Rock and Roll saved my soul


    Hello all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My favorite film growing up was The Sound Of Music. I always loved to flow of energy that Julia Andrews delivered as she would coast from contrasting scenes in the movie. All songs in the whole musical film have a different mood. The tune “Sixteen going on Seventeen” …

  3. tyowell

    Portfolio Program


    The ASWB Social Work Portfolio Program is the name for the new and improved Social Work Registry

    What is it?

    A repository that ASWB offers Stores all important credentials such as: Transcripts Employment History Continuing Education Certificates License Verifications References

    Why should I join?

    FREE with enrollment of the ASWB…
  4. tyowell



    First, you must be approved by your state, province or territory before you can register for the exam.

    After you have been approved you can register online or by phone.

    FEES Bachelors or Masters Exam – $230 Advanced Generalist or Clinical – $260


UMW Spring 15 (Bond/Burtis/Groom)

Welcome to UMW's Spring 2015 ds106/noir106, Section 3

Current Assignment

  1. Week 14 & 15: The End


    For the final weeks of this class, we’ve given you a couple of options. You should do what makes sense for you, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you during these final weeks of the semester. 

    Option 1: Take It As…

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