1. Rossanna Catahan

    once upon a summer…


    nce upon a summer, there was a girl named Rossanna.

    Rossanna began the summer knowing things could only go up from there. So Rossanna did all she could to make the most of her summer.

    Interactive story time! Press play!

    One day, Rossanna and her friend Melissa went to the …

  2. Rossanna Catahan

    making a tutorial


    This is a tutorial on how to make a tutorial. Tutorial-ception anyone? (Okay, I admit, I ran out of ideas, but scrambling to make those three tutorials opened my eyes to the issues that need to be addressed in the creation of these things.)

    This won’t be a step by …

  3. Rossanna Catahan

    creating the scrapbook effect


    This tutorial requires Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint (or something similar to arrange the pictures like a collage). In this tutorial you will learn how to make something similar to my london calling assignment.

    Step 1. Open the image you wish to edit in Photoshop.

    Step 2. Select …

  4. Rossanna Catahan

    making an animated gif


    Before beginning this tutorial, you must have Adobe Photoshop CS5, some video editing software, and, for the sake of being thorough, access to the internet. Having basic Photoshop skills and knowledge will also help with using this tutorial.

    This tutorial references my first visual assignment, the 488th day of summer

  5. Rossanna Catahan

    ds106: a reflection


    It’s nearly the end of July. Classes ended in April. This reflection is well overdue, along with everything else on this blog.

    Let’s begin at the beginning, which I think is always a good place to start. All I remember from the early days of class is the daily creates, …

  6. Rossanna Catahan

    move i/on


    This is a little bit delayed due to being so busy recently I will say. At the end of June, I moved out of my house and moved into my apartment. New month, new home. Summer has been pretty crazy but pretty boring at the same time. I’ve been working …

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