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    Getting Teen Cooking With Pilgrim’s Choice


    Cheese has been a favourite food in our household as long as I can remember.  Teen has always enjoyed cheese, from being very small.  One evening I remember sitting in the lounge and I could hear the pitter patter of tiny feet running down the stairs.  Expecting to see a …

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    10 Top Tips For Flying With Babies


    I haven’t met a Mum yet who isn’t a little bit nervous about flying with their baby for the first time.  It’s completely understandable, negotiating check-in, the airport lounge, take off and all whilst hoping your little one behaves and doesn’t disrupt the other passengers.

    I’m going to be honest …

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    This week I’ve chosen a photo I took while out on a walk where I live.  We’ve been stuck in the house a lot recently with the chickenpox working it’s way through the smallest members of the family.

    It was a bright sunny day, the kind that always looks warmer …

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    Introducing Burble Baby: Britmums Live 2015 Sponsor


    I am absolutely honoured and delighted to introduce Burble Baby as my main sponsor for Britmums Live 2015.  When Karen, Mumpreneur and Business Owner contacted me to discuss a sponsorship arrangement between Zena’s Suitcase and Burble Baby I knew this was a brand I really wanted to work with.

    Karen …

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    Review: Just Party Album By Justin Fletcher


    I have to admit I was quite excited about getting my hands on Justin Fletcher’s new album, Just Party.  When it arrived, we had to listen to it straight away, so it went straight in the car CD player.  Princess was very excited, Daddy was too but he just didn’t …

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    When Weaning Doesn’t Quite Go So Well


    Babies can throw you all kinds of challenges when you least expect it.  The more children you have the more it throws you, as you get right on in that comfort zone of ‘I’ve done this before’, then your little one decides things are going to be very different.  This …

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    Review: Disney Princess Aquadoodle From Tomy


    A few weeks ago we were sent the Aquadoodle Cinderella from Tomy to try out.  I had high hopes for this toy, as I thought it might solve a few problems we were having with keeping our own little Princess entertained when she was at home with me and her …

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    Sofa Time With Newman & Bright


    Getting the right sofa is such an important investment for your home.  Our sofa is definitely the most important piece of furniture in our house, above everything else.  Sinking into a comfy spot at the end of the day and snuggling up with the family is one of life’s pleasures, …

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    Half term for us means there is a teenager in the house frequenting his pyjamas more often than normal.  It also means the girls get more sofa time with their big brother.  I know it’s not the greatest pic in the world, but it did jump out at me and …

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    Chickenpox Can Kiss My Butt!


    We’ve had a rough time of it these last few weeks with the children and getting sick.  To say I’m sleep deprived is an understatement, but so is everyone else in the house.  We are passing a grumpy hat round as we can only have one person be grouchy at …

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    7 Things Parents Must Not Do At Bedtime


    Right, stop the press. Prepare yourselves readers, I have an astonishing announcement to make. It may surprise you all to know that I am not a perfect parent.  I know, I had you fooled didn’t I!

    I can make this declaration safe in the knowledge that I have got many …

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    Restaurant Review: Beefeater


    This weekend we took a trip to the Beefeater at Castle Marina in Nottingham for Sunday lunch.  It was a first time for all of us and being a family who likes to eat out we were really looking forward to giving it a try.

    First brownie point is it …

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    Review: ToddlePak Reins From Trunki


    Princess has been affectionately known as a flight risk for quite sometime now. She can be a lot  a bit of a liability when we go out to say the least. Sometimes she is really good and knows that cars and roads are dangerous and will stay firmly by your …

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    My new friend arrived last Sunday and made me very happy indeed.  I have ventured into the realms of beginners photography and purchased a Nikon D3200.  I new it wouldn’t be long before I had to have a proper camera.  I think it’s going to take me a while to …

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    Is It To Soon To Celebrate Valentines Day?


    This is always such a difficult dilemma.  When, in a new relationship is it OK to celebrate Valentines Day?  The problem is you are still getting to know each other, and no one wants to appear too keen do they?  There is still an element of being cool and aloof …

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    #Theatre For Kids: Whatever The Weather


    We really love taking the girls to the theatre, it is definitely one of our favourite places to go.  Princess really enjoys it now, and gets really excited when she knows we are going to see a performance.  Even Little Pudding, at 8 months, is transfixed by the storytelling that …

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    Project 365 #6


    This week has been a long week!  In the last post Princess had come out with chicken pox, so wasn’t at nursery or able to go to her usual activities at the beginning of the week. This led to quite a bit of frustration all round, as she is usually …

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