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Daily Shoot: Favorites

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The week of me following the Daily Shoot website is officially over. To wrap up this week, we are going to pick our favorite photos that the class took. So here are a few of mine:

Daily Shoot Foliage:

The photo that I really liked for this was was Lindsay’s “Lucky Bamboo.” The reason why I was drawn to this one is because of the play with shadows and light in the photo itself. It really brings out the rich green of the bamboo.
Lucky Bamboo

Daily Shoot Complementary:

My favorite photo here was Stephanie’s “Ash and Ichabod.”These two dolls really enhance each other  in a way in which they complete each other. I feel like seeing one without the other would make it feel less complete. However, every time I stare at this photo I just become kind of transfixed by (Ash’s?) grey eyes, and begin creating stories about them in my head. :)
7682 - Ash and Ichabod

Daily Shoot Talisman:

For this one I would have to choose Ashley’s “Lucky Ladybug.” I love that she decided to put her ladybug in a “natural” environment because it really brings out the color of the ladybug. I also liked the story about why it is so lucky, for her it is an actual talisman. :)

Daily Shoot Soft:

For this assignment my favorite was Jessica’s Teddy Bear. As soon as I saw him I smiled :) I knew that he depicted this assignment well, because I was quite convinced he was in fact soft. How ever I also like that he was depicted as getting a profile picture because it gave him more life, and made me feel more inclined to smile.

Daily Shoot Mirror:

For this one I really liked Megan’s “Workplace Reflection.” I like that the image in the mirror stands in stark contrast to that of the background. It kind of creates an image within an image.

Daily Shoot Chaos:

My favorite here was Lindsay’s “Treasure Chest.” I loved the color in this “mess,” one of the things I want to do is look through the jewelry myself because it almost seems as if I could find my own treasure.

Treasure Chest

Daily Shoot Symmetry:

I like Jessica Murnin’s “Symmetrical World” for this shot. I think that this picture can definitely be folded in half and it will be the same on both sides. However, what I like about this shot is that she was able to give a unique perspective to the photo, by editing the back so that it is in black and white, a new depth is added.
Living in a Symmetrical World

Daily Shoot Books:

Ok, for my final photo pick I would have to say KC Masterpiece and his “Learning by Osmosis” was the winner. I think photo really embodies what the class is about. Taking creativity to a new level and showcasing your work :) I love that he included his roommate  in this image because it shows that in the end we are the ones who use them.
Learning by Osmosis- ds313

Those are my top picks, and believe me it was difficult choosing.  Hope you enjoyed reading :)

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