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Mafia invades YouTube and… Legos?

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A Quick Post! It seems that the Mafia has invaded all facets of American life… even YouTube… Here are a couple of videos I found on Youtube about the Mafia.

For the first one the embedding is disabled, but if you click here you can watch the video. I think this was a documentary made for National History Day. It is very well done, the only bad thing is that it focuses more on the take down of the Mafia in the 1950′s. This is not my focus at all. Either way it provides another interesting view of the Mafia.

On the less professional side of things, there are a couple videos about people replaying certain Mafia figures or events. Such as below, where they are retelling Al Capone:

Then there is the Top Mafia Movies of All Time category. This one I found to be interesting because it highlights how much the Mafia has become part of the mainstream american culture. And I may or may not have picked this one because of the soundtrack :)

Even major learning corporations such as National Geographic and the History Channel have their own Youtube channels where they upload videos. Here is a video for the National Geographic. Once again it doesn’t deal with 1930′s Mafia, but I feel like this one shows that the Mafia is a dangerous organization. It is something people forget about when they see all the romanticized films provided to us by Hollywood. As a side note I am also watching the History Channel’s Gangland series for more information. They actually do have a lot of information and it is helpful… maybe I should do a post of that too :D

This final clip is one that I thought was really creative and not only combines Mafia with film but also showcases it through the use of Legos. :D I have to say the final product is worth me posting it, even if I can’t use it for my research it still shows that the Mafia has become an iconic symbol in our culture… along with Legos!

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