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Organized Crime: 15% of the World’s GDP?

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A friend sent me this video because they know about my research topic, so they thought I would be interested. And honestly it was an interesting talk it serves as a reminder that the Mafia didn’t die down in the 30′s. Organized Crime is still going strong and a problem today, because it is profitable. Misha Glenny, the speaker, focuses more on the Russian Mafia than the American Mafia. However there are still some points he makes that are interesting to note. He talks about how organized crime works and why it is successful.

One point he made that really struck me was that it was “the western desire to consume that is the primary driver of international organized crime.” I wonder if this also applies to the American Mafia and its sudden rise during prohibition. It makes sense, the Mafia grew by providing boot legged alcohol, which Americans wanted. If American’s didn’t want alcohol they wouldn’t have gone to speakeasies and kept the Mafia in business. Or the Mafia would have just found something else that Americans would consume….

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